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Santo businessman encourages ‘Man Santo’ not to sell land

Thursday, October 29th 2015. | Reality

Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2015 12:00 am, Vanuatu Daily Post
By Len Garae

Well respected Hog Harbour businessman, Kuvu Noel, wishes to advise all indigenous landowners of Santo, the biggest island in the country, to lease their land but not sell it.

He says it pains him to see members of his extended family sell their land then buy the first Tico Car to drive around.

“This is not going to last and I feel sad to see it happen.

“I want to call on all landowners on Santo not to sell their land but negotiate with any potential buyer to form a partnership with him or her so they can both benefit from the deal,” he said.
Regarding his 4,500–hectare Summit wonder farm in Big Bay, Noel says the land belongs to his relatives.

They wanted to sell it to him but he advised them not to, telling them to think of the future of their children and their descendants.

They are leasing him the land.

“I am developing the land with the money I earn and this is what I want to see our people do with what money they earn from the sale of their lands too,” he says.

He says with ni-Vanuatu, the most difficult challenge is to save money. He says the traditional mind set to spend the money must be changed to save the money in the bank and spend it later.

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