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So Much Money Has Been Allocated, But Almost Nobody Knows What is Spent For?

Thursday, October 22nd 2015. | Reality

Jhon Yonathan Kwano is questioning,

What we have got after almost 15 years of Special Autonomy Era is the story of money being sent to Papua Province and being allocated for the Papuans to develop Papua and West Papuan peoples, but what we have not yet heard so far is who on earth has been spending the money, and how much of of these guys have been spending so far?

This question was raised in Yogyakarta on October 17, 2015 at the Central Office of during a hearing between some investor-candidates invited to discuss possibility of expending mini market across the Isle of New Guinea.

The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe has been urging his officials to implement his programs in order to “awaken Papua”, “to make Papua self-reliance”, and to “make Papua prosperous” during his 5-year leadership as the governor. Of course it is ambitious. Can a five-year term awake Papua? Can this 5-year term make Papua become self-reliant? Can this 5-year term make Papua become prosperous?

“Something that is not logic in one sens,” says Kwano. Indonesia itself is not yet prosperous, but this particular governor wants to make just this province, just in five years, become prosperous. This is illogical! This is irrational.

Furthermore Kwano says,

I want governors in Indonesia who have clear ideas about what is the problems in their province, what is lacking, what what can be done in order to balance.

I want them not to think just about the problems and the solutions, but more importantly about whether or not they can deliver the solutions. Not only that, they should also think about the time-frame of five-year term.

Many people know problems and know solutions, but not many people know how to measure out own capacity within the limited time-frame.

Jhon Yonathan Kwano wants the governor to focus more on down-to-earth approach, reaching initiatives coming up from the Papuan peoples themselves, ask them to explain what the people can do, and let them deliver it, and the governor becomes their general coordinator of Papua’s economic and social development.

Kwano continues,

The governor today is in the middle of politicians who say they have the role to play, government agents who tell him they have the power shake and shape, scientists who always claim themselves know so many things about life and death, and multinational companies who order him not to do much against them.

Now the governor needs to get out from these players. He needs to come to his own people. He needs to become himself, a Papuan, a village-man, a highlander, a person who just come out from stone-aged generation. He needs to position himself, as his own self, not as governor, not as politician, not as agent of central government.

He needs to know that one day he was just a Papuan, a villager, an ordinary man. And after all this, one day he will go back to his original position as a Papuan, a villager, an ordinary man. And during this five-year term, he needs to continuously go back to his real and original position and status, and think about what he should be doing today, because tomorrow is not today anymore.

Kwano says, “I know I am talking about another idealistic situation, but my purpose is to ask the governor to think more practical and more realistic“. Kwano wants the governor to come down to initiatives like the development of and Kiosks across Papua and Papua Barat Provinces and deliver whatever is needed.

Kwano furthermore explains, “What needs not is not donation, but investments, not contribution from government, but credit from the bank. I know my minimarket can pay back, but I know that the governing is closing his door to this opportunity to help me.

So much money has been spent during this Special Autonomy Era, but so much of them has been taken out from Papua and Papua Barat provinces. For one reason, and in principle, it is because the money knows where it comes from and where it should go finally. In addition it is because the bureaucracy, system of governance and the persons holding positions in Papua and Papua Barat are mostly corrupt.

More than that, many government officials today are also active in their own companies. They launch projects, and their family members carry out the projects. Anybody who comes to their offices for information and avoided. Anybody are real entrepreneurs who need their assistance they ignore. As a result, when their 5-year term is finished, then their projects will also end, and then they will go back to their habitat.

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