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Lukas Enembe’s Programme Being Boycotted by His Own So-Called “Assistants”

Saturday, August 20th 2016. | Reality

Governor of Papua Province Lukas Enembe has launched a project that he calls, “Papua Rise Up to become Independent and Prosperious”. Almost all media coverage have dedicated columns and sections entitled “Papua Bangkit or Papua Rise Up”.

It is wise to agree that it takes time, energy and resources to wake up a nation that has been sleeping for decades, for almost a half century since modernisation reached the land of Papua. It is also rational to argue that this “rising up to become independent and prosperous is also very ambitious, and more extremely we can say unreachable.” However, we have no capacity to judge. We can only express our concern that in reality it is impossible to do three things in one go, within a 5-year term. It needs at least 50 years to wake a nation up, another 50 years or so to make a nation become independent or self-reliant, and another 50 years or so to make a nation prosperous. Indonesia itself, since its independence 71 years ago, has not yet reached all these, but how come this governor be capable of realising all these three dreams in a 5-year term (2013 -2018)?

That is the conceptual argument. In addition, in reality, his ministers or so-called assistants that he has chosen as “Heads of Departments or Kepala Dinas”, “Heads or Bureau or Kepala Biro”, and “Experts Staff or Staff Ahli” are mostly chosen based on their political parties’ contribution to the victory in election in 2013. Each supporting political party should be given shares in their positions. The slodan “Papua Bangkit! untuk Mandiri dan Sejahtera” is then sacrificed for the sake of accommodating all the supporting political parties and pressure groups operating in Papua.

As a concequence, the motto is making Papua to raise up for self-reliance and prosperity is sacrificed. Each ministers / assistant has its own agenda, interests and programmes to carry out. Each party has borrowed votes and money from third parties. Each assistant need to serve their supporters. As a result, the motto of the governor becomes blur, almost no-one can see what it means.

So-Called “Assistants” of the Governor even act dangerously, by carrying out activities that  counter the vision of the governor. Many assistants that we know so far have been working to make Papuans quit from doing business, making Papuans become poor in their own inherited land, make the Papuans feel powerless and incapable of even thinking about becoming rich, let alone acting to become rich. Many of his assistants have openly boycotted many projects launched to alleviate poverty, to open isolation, to reduce mortality rate, to fight against deforestation. They turn these projects into running courses, sending Papuans to Java and learn about basic knowledge “how to skills” rather than actually carrying out the real projects in the fields. Others use security reasons to alter the money into financing the police and military officers.

We, from the Group Companies have repeatedly warned the governor. But it is obvious that the governor himself is handicapped, powerless. What we can do now, as the only entrepreneurial group in Papua Province so far, is to continue with our own business, and ignoring the governor and his policies. Expecting him to do more than what he can deliver is just the same as trying to catch the wind. What is preferable in this kind of situation for Group Companies is to become pure entrepreneur, based our business purely on the customer services and deliver best services to the needs of our customers. They are our governors, they are our kings. We should consider their needs and wants, rather than expecting the impossible policy to become a reality. This is true, as Lukas Enembe’s vision is already boycotted by his own so-called “Assistants”.

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