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Papua Rise, Self-Sufficient and Prosperous is the Vision of Lukas Enembe (1)

Saturday, March 12th 2016. | Lukmen, Perspective

I myself, Jhon Yonathan Kwano, intended to write some articles on the vision of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, that says, “Papua Rise, Self-Sufficient and Prosperous is the Vision of Lukas Enembe“. I am trying to elaborate in as many articles as possible, but I am limited to my time and energy to write all that I want to write. This is the first article with the same title.

I have speculated in my articles in Bahasa Indonesia, of the meaning of “Papua Rise” or “Papua Rise Up”. This can also mean in Bahasa Indonesia as “Papua Stand Up” or “Papua Wake Up!” I was confused myself in the middle of writing my article in Bahasa Indonesia, what was the meaning of “rise-up” that was used in the vision statement of Governor Lukas Enembe.

In his speeches, Lukas Enembe does convinces me that what he means by “Papua Bangkit” or “Papua Rise” is “Papua Wake Up”, because he believes that Papuan people were sleeping, not actively involved in various Indonesian government’s activities and businesses. He wanted Papuans to wake up and take the opportunities available to become self-sufficient and prosperous.

Lukas Enembe wants many businessmen from Papua to appear in provincial and national business activities.

I must acknowledge from early on, that this “waking up” of Papuan peoples have not yet shown any sign. Nobody knows clearly whether or not Papua is already “risen up” or “woken up”. What I myself, Jhon Yonathan Kwano know is that the governor himself still needs wake himself up before expecting the people to wake up.

I also have written some articles on the “proofs” of Papuan being “risen up” or “woken up”, and  already openly argued that there should be some changes inside the “self” of the Papuan people, right from the governor to his people in the villages and jungles.

Changes from inside is the main thing that will indicate Papuans already “risen up” or “woken up” or not.

The psychology, mentality, intellectual and  spirituality of the Papuan peoples, the way we Papuans perceive and view our Papuan “selves”, our world around (other plants and animals) as well as on our socio-political world, as well, the universe, the spiritual beings, and the Lord should open up, towards a new paths. Our Papuan paradigm on ourselves, our world, the universe and the spiritual beings should change.

We should not be dependent, we should not complaining to Jakarta all the time. We should not demand Freeport McMoran, Copper & Gold Inc. to share is more money. We should be on our own selves, be free from demanding, be free from asking, be free from blaming.

I am expecting Lukas Enembe himself read this article, as he does understand English.

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